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Your Home's Picture Could Make or Break Your Sale

Home selling is a very challenging task, especially in Ruidoso.  As your brokerage we will utilize every tool necessary to market and sell your home but there are some tips you can do before the listing even begins. Ruidoso New Mexico Real Estate

We can take photos of your home but there is no rule stating you cannot take your own photos when the lighting, foliage or mood is right.

It takes a substantial amount of research, time and creativity to come up with the most striking and long-lasting impression on potential home buyers.

Why are photos effective? 

Good and attractive photos are instrumental to the success of selling your house because it is basically equivalent to the curb appeal of the property. More than 90% of buyers pay more attention to articles and advertisements with photos than without.  

The quality of the photos will help highlight the appeal and and worth of your house. 

How to take quality photos?
Here are some of the important tips on how to produce great images.

1. Camera. Always start with the resource that could help you create quality pictures such as a good camera.  Make sure to take the photos in the highest quality mode available to create optimal images especially for computer viewing purposes.

2. Shoot. You need quality photos that can draw attention from viewers thus, make sure that you know basic tips on how to shoot high end pictures. It is important that you bring out the best in every room or area of the house through using proper lighting and home staging tips. You can either utilize natural or artificial light to enhance the image, know where the best light is at each time of the day, and make sure there are no shadows in the way.

3. Simplicity. The simpler and clearer the picture, the better. Take advantage of other resources such as flower arrangements and plants to highlight significant details in your home for more impact and sale capacity.

Again, as your listing agent we have professionals that can capture great photos but since you live in the home, only you know when the light and view are the best. If your home has a great view, take the picture on a day when the weather and visibility are the clearest, not a cloudy, rainy day.