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Sellers are getting more involved in staging their homes than ever before.

Buyers see model homes, DIY shows and more and expect every home they tour to be just as grand. But it takes work and sometimes money to stage a home properly.

Starting with a black canvas is easy but working with what you have can be difficult. It may come down to a simple color change though to really make all the difference in the world. Here are some tips when it comes to color and painting.

You don't want to scare buyers away but you also don't want them to be bored when walking through the home. You have probably heard the word neutral thrown around a lot when staging but this doesn't mean drab.

The best way to get a sense of what your competition is doing is simply tour model homes or open houses. You can see what you are up against and what buyers are seeing. If you home stacks up and compares in price or is lower, you have a great shot at an offer.

Warm walls are the trend. Coffee or latte colored walls with bright white trim make a statement thats warm yet clean. By keeping all the rooms that run into each other the same color, the flow of the home will move better. If the kitchen is a separate room make sure the color is not too different but still makes a clear definition of another room. If you don't have a lot of walls in the kitchen, meaning they are covered with cabinets, go as light as you can. If you have white cabinets make a darker impression but not too dark as to close in the room. You don't want dark in small rooms like bathrooms because you are trying to showcase the square footage and closing in a room doesn't offer that sense.

For bedrooms, a light blue or yellow is calming and tranquil. If blue is the theme, keep it as light as possible, even with white trim. Sea decor is best in this type of room. For yellow walls, have a splash of color in a striped green and red pillow or floral print somewhere casual. Don't go too far gender orientated one way or the other or you might turn off some buyers.

In bathrooms, light, fresh and airy is best with fresh greenery in the corners or on the counter. Don't clutter a bathroom too much but if you have the room, a couple candles and a plate of soap or small rolled towels gives the impression of a relaxing spa feel.

These are just some basic tips but for more information on your specific home, contact us anytime. We are experts in staging, listing, marketing and selling your Ruidoso home or property.