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New Mexico's Take on Holiday Fair for your Table this Year

New Mexico has it's own holiday traditions and food and while turkey and ham may be on many tables across the US it's Posole that graces many New Mexico tables. homes for sale in ruidoso nm

Posole or Pozole in some cases,  is a spicy corn stew that celebrates life blessings especially toward the end of the year. Pozole is also another word for hominy. With holidays just around the corner and families already ringing the door bells now is the perfect time to whip up a steamy pot of Posole.

Pozole can also be found around New Year's and whatever is left over can be easily frozen. The influence of the Spanish on Mexican's brought many variations of this soup and it has migrated slightly north to the folks in New Mexico.

Most Pozole can be started with any broth and the variations are literally endless. Most in Southern New Mexico is made with red chile but in Northern New Mexico it can be found made with green chile. This is entirely up to the cook and the type of chile used will also determine the heat. 

Dried hominy can be used and will create a thicker stew but canned it just as good and faster.  Feel free to add this New Mexico tradition in your home this season.


12 dried long red chile or a container of frozen red chile

10 pounds Boned pork roast cut into 1" cubes

1/2 head of garlic peeled and chopped

A large pinch of Mexican oregano

1/2 large onion, chopped

Large can hominy/ or dried posole or frozen posole



1.Break open the chiles and remove the seeds and veins/ or use frozen chile.

2. Put the chiles to cook in a medium sized pot. Cover with fresh water and gently boil until chiles are very soft.

3. Let the mixture cool and using a favorite method, blend the chile and the water to make a paste and strain.

4 . Put the cubed pork, oregano, garlic, onion and salt into a large heavy pot and cover with water. Boil meat gently for 30 minutes.

5, When the meat is soft, add the chile and hominy and cook for 15 to 20 minutes until the mixture is boiling nicely.

To serve, ladle the posole into heavy bowls and serve with thinly sliced cabbage and radishes, quartered limes, oregano, chopped onion, and fresh corn tortillas.

This recipe serves 20-24 people.


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